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Did You Know?

Did you know that...

  • Every 14 seconds in our country, a woman is battered by her intimate partner?
  • 20% of all murders are domestic violence related?
  • Children who witness domestic violence are 6 times as likely to commit suicide and 57 times as likely to abuse drugs?
  • Every 5 years, more women are killed by domestic violence than Americans killed int he Vietnam War?
  • 76% of rape and sexual assault are committed by husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, family members, or acquaintance.


A domestic abuse victim is:

  • someone who has been verbally abused
  • someone whose freedom of word, thought, or deed has been restricted
  • someone who has been threatened with harm
  • someone who is forced to engage in sexual activity against their will
  • someone who has been physically harmed


What is domestic abuse?

  • Domestic abuse is a form of control that one person exercises over another.
  • Domestic abuse can be verbal, physical, or sexual in nature.


Who could be an abuser?

  • a current or former spouse
  • someone with whom you now or formerly lived
  • someone you are now or have formerly dated
  • someone to whom you are related by blood
  • someone with whom you have had sexual relations