If you are in danger, CALL 911!


Shelter...for immediate CRISIS intervention

Emergency shelter services are based upon a belief that victims of domestic and sexual violence have the right to a safe place to live, knowledge advocacy, and ongoing supportive services to help them meet their needs in times of crisis. It is our belief that the cycle of domestic abuse can be broken when victims are given options and opportunities to increase their knowledge and develop a support system. To accomplish this end, we provide a 5 bedroom multifamily shelter, 24 hour crisis line, advocacy, counseling and supportive services.


Transitional Housing with Supportive Services...for when you have nowhere else to go

The Transitional Housing Program is based upon the knowledge that many victims return to their abuser because they believe they have no other options. We also recognize employment and household management skills must be developed in a supportive environment to create life-long solutions. The Lodge is a multifamily dwelling where clients live together as they begin a new safe life and receive the help they need to pursue employment, education, and independent living skills.